Torch Day

| November 5, 2016


“The time for words is through, gentlemen. Each one of you has preached to the world about the Founding Fathers.” His voice dropped to a whisper. “Now it’s time to be one.”

With that, the shadowy militia leader known as “The Commander” rallies militia groups from across the nation for an all-out assault on Washington D.C. Joining them is outlaw hacker Jeff Barnett, who has brought his diabolical skills to a dangerous new playground. His first target: the President of the United States.
     FBI agents Harry Harper and Ellen King go undercover to try to derail their plans, but when Harry’s cover is blown, he finds himself chained to a mysterious suitcase whose contents could reshape the future of America.
     As Harry, the deadly suitcase, and the militia squads race towards D.C., Ellen has to dodge rogue elements in the FBI that are trying to kill her. Going underground, she rallies a select group of FBI agents to help her find Harry and stop the militia forces — before everything explodes on Torch Day.

Praise for TORCH DAY

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