Doggie Love! Why we love dogs so much.

| June 20, 2013


Doggie Love! Why we love dogs so much.

Doggie Love! Why We Love Dogs So Much.

Explore the divine connection we have with our furry friends through pictures and words. Doggie Love is a celebration of dogs and all the wonderful things they bring into our lives.

As you turn through the pages of this delightful book discover:

The history of dogs and our early connections

Why they make us laugh and smile; cuteness factors

How they reflect the best of our humanity

Companionship, love, protection, exercise & the many other ways dogs add to our lives

And of course, the different ways we spoil them; Like taking them to “Dogya” or the doggie restaurant that serves up Spaghetti Bolognese, made with vegetables and rice!

Lots of great photos to make your smile, laugh and love our canine companions even more!

From small dogs to big ones, from full breed to mixed, from silly dogs to working dogs, “Doggie Love” is all about the love of dogs! Woof!


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