Pulp Affliction: Issue #1 (The Origamiac Chronicles)

| November 6, 2016


Following in the irreverent spirit of Deadpool, The Tick, and Squirrel Girl, it’s Origamiac—the shape-shifting superhero who’s a piece of sheet!

In the first issue of this five-part “ungraphic novel” series*, Orson “Orry” Thitchafer simply wants to go out on a date. But after a series of disastrous mishaps, he’s accidentally transformed into loose-leaf paper. Desperate to become human again, he seeks the help of his only—and highly incompetent, emphasis on “high”—friend.

Unknown to Orry, someone else is interested in his plight, a recruiter at the evil enterprise known as MALefactory. Will Orry be seduced by the malevolence the company represents?

Special note: The content of this series is satirical and not for kids nor those who are easy to offend—and maybe not even for those who are hard to offend.

*An ungraphic novel proceeds panel by panel like a classic comic book, except the imagery traditionally portrayed via penciling, inking, and coloring is instead expressed through words. If a picture is worth a thousand words, this story proves it (actually, per panel, just tens of words)!


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