Alkaline Diet: Motivation: Alkaline Lifestyle and Holistic Nutrition Tips for Modern People (Weight Loss Motivation Book 2)

| November 6, 2016


It’s Not About Eating Less. It’s About Eating Right…

How Energize Your Life with The Alkaline Diet and Stay Motivated to Transform Your Body the Way You Deserve

Easy and effective ways to eat your way to massive weight loss, sexy body and a focused mind!

Sick and tired of fad diets and calorie counting?
Looking for a proven way to get more energy, feel healthy and (if desired) lose weight?
You are just about to revolutionize your life with alkaline foods.
The good news?
You don’t have to be 100% perfect. Just try to be 70% awesome and 30% relaxed.
Read on…

The Alkaline Diet Lifestyle is not only about what you eat. It is also about what you drink, how you relax and what you think. The Alkaline Diet Lifestyle it is about HOW YOU LIVE!

After reading this book, you will FEEL INSPIRED TO set up a strong foundation and change your way of thinking in order to be ready to make some positive changes in your life and discover a new, balanced you. You will become more energized, positive, with a sexy body, a perfect weight, physically/mentally and emotionally stronger, less prone to diseases, glowing skin and strong hair. The list of the alkaline diet benefits is really long!

This book is a motivational and inspirational guide for modern people (21st century + always pressed for time!) who wish to restore their energy levels with Alkalinity and make it easy and fun.

In order to achieve long-term success, you need:
1. Focus
2. Preparation
3. Motivation
4. Knowledge and Creativity

Are you ready to change your mindset about dieting? Sick and tired of unrealistic diets and cleanses? Join me and follow through. I can guarantee that you will FALL IN LOVE WITH THE ALKALINE DIET!


• Change your mindset about dieting. Forget about “eliminating” and focus on “adding” instead. Nourish your body and mind. Give it the alkaline energy they deserve and are so desperately looking for!
• Embrace alkaline changes and “recruit” your family and friends. Overcome bad environments and obstacles that hold you back from succeeding. Realize that you are having certain limiting beliefs and replace them with new, alkaline-friendly, more empowering ones.
• Carry on your healthy eating lifestyle even when you go out and hang out with family and friends who are not interested in Alkalinity. There is no need to become a martyr. You can still have fun while following certain alkaline rules.
• Keep on track- no matter what, learn how to build up a momentum and attract incredible wellness and health.
• Shopping tips- save your time and make sure you have your delicious alkaline meals and snacks ready.
• Preparation tips- again, save your time!
• How to quit/reduce coffee as well as sodas and caffeinated drinks. (These are acidic and are not supporting your alkaline lifestyle goals.)
• Quick and healthy meal preparation tips.
• BONUS: 20+ alkaline recipes to help you get started!
•Natural, alkaline remedies for common ailments.

I will help you TRICK YOUR BRAIN and overcome obstacles that your mind is coming up with!

Would You Like To Know More?

Get this book and join thousands of people that already use the alkaline diet to lose weight and live healthy lives!


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