Somebody Killed the Cart Girl

| November 7, 2016


Mandy Carter, the pretty 18-year-old cart girl, is found buried in a sand trap at an upscale country club in New England. Who clubbed
her to death … and why? That’s the question haunting Detective Abby Sanders, whose own teenage daughter looks so much like the victim they could have been sisters. A former competitive golfer herself, Abby quickly lets the country club crowd know that no one is above suspicion.

Who killed the cart girl?
• Mandy’s devoted boyfriend, Josh, the son of a wealthy plastic surgeon and his snobbish
wife who live on the golf course
• Josh’s mother, who thought the cart girl wasn’t good enough for her son
• Josh’s former girlfriend who hated Mandy
• The attractive golf pro who flirts with anyone in a skirt and has an endless supply of
tasteless jokes
• His jealous country club wife who is the city golf champion
• The female assistant pro who hates the head pro and wants to play on the golf tour
• The college golf star who is as competitive as she is beautiful
• A caddy at the club who was vying for Mandy’s affections
• The victim’s brother, a college student who got Mandy the job at the club
• The aging proprietor of The 19th Hole snack bar, who has some secrets in his past?


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