The UN-RETIREMENT GuideTM: A Complete Life Wellness PlanTM for 50+ Boomers Needing to Succeed!

| November 8, 2016


In this book you’ll learn:

  •     All career, health and wellness information within is tailored to the 50+population
  •     Why full stop retirement is an outdated lifestyle
  •     Why relying on the medical model of health alone isn’t enough to age well
  •     Why you have greater control over aging and longevity than you think
  •     How to decrease the odds of being diagnosed with dementia
  •     A breakdown of what wellness is in each of the seven dimensions
  •     How to customize and create your complete life wellness plan
  •     Why it is important to define purpose and meaning in the second half of your life
  •     How to identify and minimize work and personal stressors that threaten your health
  •     Why completing your personal career profile is an essential step
  •     Why its critical and empowering to understand and own the skills you have
  •     How to stay current and relevant and counter age discrimination in the workplace
  •     Why labor market research is essential in career planning and where to find it
  •     How to conduct a targeted job search and access the hidden job market
  •     How to use your 3 step career planning tool to change or keep a job
  •     How to build resumes and cover letters for the older worker
  •     Why using a virtual office may be the key if you’re interested in self-employment 
  •      And much more…. 


Bonus: Calculate and discover the true cost of your monthly Standard of Living


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