Aliens Beware: Volume I

| November 9, 2016


The universe is a big place where the Earth occupies an infinitesimal small part. According to recent cosmology there are countless worlds which may harbor life. That life may have similar, if not identical, hopes, needs and wants of life on Earth. The beings on these other worlds are called aliens. They are separated from us by light-years but not from sentient desires. Although we may not have the technology to span interstellar distances, those aliens may have the ability to visit our world. The stories in this book tell the tales of the good, bad, and indifferent aliens we may encounter: The Artifact tells of an alien visitor in the time of ancient Egypt; Could You Repeat That? tells of the first transmission received from sentient life in the universe; The Illusion presents the ever devious Martians trying to hide from us; Project Blink detects an object heading toward collision with Earth and misinterprets its intention at the wrong moment; Ring! is a telephone conversation between an alien man and local Earth woman; The Hooker is a mystery to solve what is happening to missing men from Miami Beach; The Ride proves video games are not necessarily a waste of time when it comes to alien needs; Just Junk chronicles the lives of a machine become more human and a human become more machine only to be destroyed by an alien planetary defense system; Twinkle tells of strange lights which baffle humans; and, Gold For the Master is a tale of treachery between alien civilizations. Read on and be enlightened to the dangers we may face in the not so distant future.


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