Agnes’ Gift

| November 10, 2016


Sometimes God seems nowhere to be found. Then, in an instant, the thin veil that separates Heaven and Earth is peeled back, and we see that He is closer than we ever imagined.

Since Confirmation, Jenna hasn’t thought much about her Catholic faith. With her world turned upside down from her parents’ divorce, her brother’s disappearance, and a move to a new neighborhood, God has never felt more distant.

Upon moving, Jenna befriends Agnes, an elderly neighbor full of life and faith. She finds hope and healing through Agnes’ friendship — until one heartbreaking night, she loses Agnes, too. Now, on Christmas Eve, gazing upon a gift from Agnes under her tree, an angel appears to take Jenna on an extraordinary journey through the mysteries of the Rosary, and she must decide if there is more to the Faith of her childhood than she previously thought. Are these ancient mysteries, which meant so much to Agnes, relevant to Jenna’s life, too?

Agnes’ Gift is a heartwarming story about the power of prayer and friendship. It takes the reader on an adventure into the Gospel through the eyes of a struggling young adult, weaving together the story of Jesus and the timeless questions of a contemporary teenager. It is ideal for people of all ages who want to learn more about the ageless wisdom of the Rosary, rekindle a love for it, or wishing to take a fresh look at the Christian faith.

Author Interview

Who would enjoy this book?

Anyone wishing to be inspired by the story of Jesus and the power of the Rosary! I wrote it particularly with young adults in mind, however, since the story revolves around a heartwarming relationship between a teenager, Jenna, and her elderly neighbor, Agnes, it speaks to people of all ages. This book is for you if:

  • you feel disheartened because your family or friends have left the faith
  • sometimes it seems that the Gospel and/or the Rosary are not relevant to the real problems of everyday life
  • you wish to take a fresh look at the Christian faith
  • you would like to develop or rekindle a love for the Rosary
  • you pray the Rosary but could use some inspiration to continue
  • you want to be inspired by a touching relationship between a teenager and her elderly neighbor
  • you just want to read a good book that weaves together the story of Jesus and contemporary spiritual questions

Why did you write this book?

I wrote it for three main reasons. First, to encourage those who might feel far from God to take another look at the Christian faith.  Second, to inspire those who pray the Rosary and know its power, but could use some inspiration to persevere or to pick it back up. And third, I wanted to find a creative way to help remind people of how close God really is. God can feel so distant but in reality, He couldn’t be closer!

What makes this book unique?

Agnes’ Gift takes a fresh look at the Christian faith through the eyes of a struggling, agnostic teenager. It teaches about God’s amazing love and mercy through a compelling story. Jenna’s journey with her guardian angel through the mysteries of the Rosary might be extraordinary, but having a life-changing encounter with Christ is something many Christians can relate to. 


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