Killer Clowns: & other weird tales

| November 12, 2016


Killer Clowns:
It’s Halloween when teens go hunting girls in the woods. Then they run into the creepy clowns who follow them to the party in a remote house. Are these clowns even really people? What is their true intent?
The Eaters of Men
In the desert there are things that should not live, and there are places you should never go. Amanda and her rich boyfriend encounter an ancient evil with a gruesome secret.
The Lift
It starts of as a simple business meeting in a city tower block. But what lurks on the 52nd Floor?
A Tale for Halloween
Amy is a psychic medium in need of extra cash. She begins to stretch the truth, but some people consider that lying, and liars get punished. Especially on Halloween.
A Letter from the Dead
If you swear an oath to the Gods and then break it, you can almost expect a letter.

Five weird short stories to scare, entertain and amuse. Short stories with a twist and a touch of the bizarre.

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