Author interview with Steve Warren of ‘Timely Proposal To Cure Cancer’

Author Interview with Steve Warren


Presenting possible solutions to cancer, the information in this book holds the potential to save lives and billions of dollars, while fostering renewed health and happiness. For forty years we’ve searched to cure cancer with limited success while consciously ignoring the possibility of effective nature-based therapies often for financial gain or personal power. This year 600,000 in the U.S., a total of 8.2 million precious human beings around the world, will die of cancer. But cancer need not define us! Nor is it the inevitable ordained outcome of being human. Timely Proposal To Cure Cancer presents research and results for low side effect, affordable, nature-based cancer treatments from around the world reporting cancer stabilization, remission, faster or more complete healing, even what some have called cures. It concisely explains the prevalent bias in today’s medical approval system hindering nature-based formal acceptance; empowers each of us to take charge of our lives leaving our preconceptions behind; and offers an innovative practical approach considering all options to heal cancer. Incredibly approachable and goal-oriented, Timely Proposal to Cure Cancer is guaranteed to inspire hope for cancer patients, families, friends, loved ones, and all those touched by cancer.

Today I’m joined by Steve Warren to chat about the personal and professional motivations behind his book ‘Timely Proposal To Cure Cancer’. Steve thanks for setting a little time aside to talk with me today. Where did the drive to write this book begin?
At 67, as a cancer survivor, cancer patient advocate, author, husband, father, and nutritional health coach, I could no longer stand by and watch 8.2 million (600,000 in the U.S.) precious human beings die each year of cancer while knowing we are not fully exploring every option to turn the tide on this travesty.

How do you think your experiences as a cancer survivor helped shape this book?
As a cancer patient, much of my writing comes from real life experience. I thoroughly understand the challenges, fears, hopes, and impossibly difficult choices that come with a cancer diagnoses.

From your language alone I can tell that you are very dedicated to this subject and your desire to turn the tide on the progress of cancer. Are you also pursuing this dedication through your professional work?
Yes, I am a nutritional health coach so everything I write is about living a healthier, happier life. I continually read studies and research papers looking for the newest information on alternative, low side effect approaches to treat cancer.

Since you are continually reading research papers did it take you long for this book to come into existance?
It took about 6 months to fully complete. Timely Proposal To Cure Cancer is about healing all cancer, and is the natural follow-up to my original book Release Prostate Cancer Now!

As a experienced author I’m guessing that you’ve already started thinking about your next book. What aspect of health will you tackle in your publication?
My next book will be on the perfect nutritional diet and lifestyle to prevent cancer in your lifetime.

I’ve read some research on diet recently to reduce the risk of cancer and disease and it is really interesting stuff. I’ll have to keep an eye out for your next book. You keep coming back to these topics of nutrition and health. What is so rewarding about these topics, and in particular in this book that keeps drawing you back again and again?
Finding new options to help people recover from cancer by exploring research and talking with patients and medical professionals from all over the world.

How does the writing process unfold for you when you have found new options for recovery and health to improve the quality and length of lives that you want to write about?
I usually write in spurts, trying to complete a chapter at a time. Then I wait a few days to see how I feel about what I have written, sometimes rewriting the piece. Once all the chapters are basically written I compile the book, move things around, and add new sections.

Is the process of moving things around and additing new sections the majority of the editing process that you undertake? Or do you find editing a larger beast?
Spell check is my friend, and after that I send my books out to multiple readers to get their feeling, comments, and suggestions on the writing and content of the book.

Were these readers also influential in the cover design process?
The book cover is my own design, created in Photoshop. I wanted to show a blend of nature and science, along with the beauty of our world.

I like the idea of incorporting science and nature into the cover of the book, it’s not generally the first thing that you would think to include when writing about cancer treatments. As you have now another completed book under your belt, do you have any advice for other authors approaching the self-publishing game?
Write what about your passion. Other than just writing it down there are many places to find support to learn the publishing process. For the details of publishing, you can find a world of supportive people on the internet.

I have to agree, there is a wealth of information and support about self-publishing on the internet. Did you experience a similar feeling of support from your first review?
I felt like I had accomplished something important, and helped someone create a better life.

That has to be incredibly rewarding. Setting aside the rewards of writing for a minute I’d like to take a bit more a deep dive into your personal philipshies of life through our quick fire questions, which have been designed to elict very important facts about your life. We’ll start with the ever important can you curl your tongue?

That’s a good start – someone versed in tongue gymnastics :). Do you have any philosophies that you live by?
Every life is precious and from each person we meet there is something to learn. Every challenge has a solution. When it comes to cancer I believe in bringing together multiple strategies to facilitate true healing.

That statement is bordering on profound :). What are you currently reading?
In addition to book on health and nutrition, I love reading books about space exploration and overcoming challenges.

Is there a book that you wish that you would have written?
The Martian by Andy Weir

A solid choice there. What was your favourite book as a child?
As a young child I loved the Tom Swift book series.

Which are cooler? Dinosaurs or Dragons?

What is your favourite word?

I really do love that word. Finally, is there is there one statement that you feel really sums up you message in this book that you think that we should leave the audience with today?
There are so many, and here is one from my book: “Cancer does not cooperate. At some point everything is going to go south on you, and you think I am going to die. You can either accept that, or you can get to work. That’s all it is, you do the math, you solve the problem, then you solve the next one, and if you solve enough problems, you get to come home.”

Steve, thanks for joining me today. I hope that you are able to connect and give some solutions to other cancer patients to help them solve enough problems within their own cancer journeys.



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