The Perfect Chicken Coop: A Step by Step Guide to Plan and Build the Perfect Chicken Coop

| November 13, 2016


Stop Waiting and Start Building Your Coop Today!

You can pay an arm and a leg for a pre-made coop, or build the perfect one for a fraction of the cost yourself. You choose!

Many people choose to raise chickens and unfortunately turn to store-bought chicken coops. Sometimes this is a good choice, but usually they end up overpaying for something that isn’t even a perfect fit for their flock. Why not determine the exact size and type of chicken coop that you need and then create one that is perfect for you and your chickens?

This guide will teach you exactly how to determine the correct size, location, and style of chicken coop based on your needs. It makes the whole process of building the coops easy with step-by-step instructions as well as building plans. Stop waiting and start raising chickens today!

This Guide Covers the Following:

? The Basic Foundations for Planning a Chicken Coop

? How to Choose the Best Location

? Creating a Coop on a Budget

? Everything About Nest Boxes, Ramps, and Runs

? 2 Detailed Building Plans With Photos

? Much, much more!

Buy this book and start building your very own coop today!


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