Muffy’s Florida Adventure

| November 14, 2016


Muffy is a curious and happy-go-lucky Goldendoodle puppy.  She and her sister, Riff, have been adopted by a fun-loving family who adore dogs; the Gabriels.  How lucky these dogs are to be taken on an amazing vacation to Florida, all of them together in a big house on wheels to visit their cousins who live on the Sarasota Bay.  They drive across the country all together in the ‘Great escape’ and then take a breathtaking trip on Captain Skye’s tourist boat.  Her puppy and first mate, Starboard, shows them all the ropes, and they go to Teapot Bayou and meet all manner of lively and interesting wildlife, including Puff the dolphin and Melodee the manatee.  Muffy’s Florida Adventure is full of warmth and laughter and good family values too.  Little Oliver the Papillion discovers he is brave; Radar the Golden Retriever discovers the courage to stand up for what he believes, and Muffy discovers that it’s better not to chase bees.

The Muffy series:

These are dog stories that everyone will love, young and old alike; written for children ages four to eight with a sense of humor and warmth.  These chapter books and their beautiful color illustrations are designed to grab the imagination of young readers and get them hooked on reading for life by talking about subjects they love and characters that will come alive for them.  Muffy and the other dogs have a voice that will inspire children to understand their own pets.

Praise for Muffy and the Dog Catcher, the first book in the Muffy Series:

“Delightful book, both the story and illustrations are excellent”  AC

“Muffy and the Dog Catcher is a must read for children of all ages and it will captivate its readers. I fell in love with Muffy.” KG


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