Flipping Into Amazon FBA: The Beginner’s Guide to Flipping for Profit & An Introduction to FBA

| November 14, 2016


This book is a comprehensive beginner’s guide to reselling online for profit. Use it as a walk-through and reference when you are just starting out. In this book, you will learn how to effectively use eBay, Amazon, Amazon’s fulfillment service (FBA), and much more, to create an online income that could eventually free you from the restrictions of a 9-5 lifestyle. You’ll also learn many frugal methods of acquiring inventory and supplies, as well as strategic sourcing methods. Included are many personal tips and tricks that will help save you time, energy, and money. This is a must-read if you plan to delve deeper into Amazon FBA and create your own online business. Get started flipping now. There’s tons of treasure out there!

Covered in this book:?

– How to get everything set up prior to making your first sale
– Inexpensive methods of acquiring inventory and shipping supplies
– Creating a set of useful digital/mobile tools and resources
– Effective sourcing techniques and locations
– Creating and managing your listings and inventory
– The differences between each online marketplace and how to most efficiently utilize them
– Shipping methods
– Using FBA to delegate work and generate semi-passive income
– Tracking sales and expenses
And everything in between

BONUS: Also included in the book are some extras that will help you get started, including a customized inventory & bookkeeping spreadsheet to help track all the important information, so you can track your profit.

Download this kindle ebook now and let’s create that online income!

Happy reading!


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