Controlling Parent, Controlling Child

| November 14, 2016


How much should we control our children’s lives? Is control a bad thing? Should I spank my child? Isn’t spanking a form of child abuse? Doesn’t control infringe on my child’s rights? And won’t control crush his spirit? There are many opinions out there, but in reality, someone has to be in control. The issue today revolves around the debate of whether God is in control or if man is in control. Rebellion against God is the act of rejecting God’s control because we want to be in control. Children learn to be under the authority of God by first learning to be under the authority of their parents. Parents are called by God to bring their children under their control so that they will learn how to have an obedient relationship with God. As we train them in the Lord, we pass on our control to the control of the Holy Spirit within them. This study is a biblical perspective of control and the benefits to our children and our society as a whole.


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