Worlds Apart (Worlds Apart Vampire Romance, Book One)

| November 14, 2016


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Separated from his friends one fateful beer-party night, college student Peter Orbus stumbles upon a pale young woman in the park. He feels a strange connection to the shy young woman, a connection made stronger when he gives her his favorite sweater and she disappears into the night with it. His search for both leads him into the depths of the dark woods that cover the park where he finds a hidden world of the undead, vampires. It’s a world he must keep secret if he hopes to survive until midterms.

But all secrets hold a price. A shadowy terror arises in the sleepy college town and attacks his fellow students. All evidence points to Peter being the culprit, so he must enlist the help of his newfound companions to clear his name and stop the creature before it transforms the entire town into monsters.

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