Goodbye, Hello

| November 16, 2016


#1 Bestselling Book  Goodbye, Hello; it’s never too late to start again!

The heat in Fiji is not the only thing that is keeping Linda warm.  Shaan’s searing touch brings sensual awareness to a long neglected Linda, causing her to burn.  This trip was supposed to be a ‘time out’ zone, but why miss out when the opportunity arises? Although it was not all plain sailing as she constantly makes a fool of herself.

Linda realized that over the years she has changed to be like the woman her deceased husband, Martin, wanted. Her wardrobe and hair style were not the way she use to dress or look and instead he’d changed her into a mini me version of his mother. A woman who treated her badly. And she tells her husband’s ashes that’s she’s going to make some changes. In an attempt to rediscover the real Linda, the first thing on her to do list is a trip to Fiji.

Losing one’s self is easier than finding yourself.

What the reader’s say:
“I highly suggest this novella for anyone who wants a little inspiration. Following Linda on her journey made me feel like I’m capable of doing it myself if I ever need to. I laughed with her, I cried with her, and I felt like I should reflect on my own life with her. It was a very touching read, and it isn’t long at all. It’ll fly by, but it’s worth every second.” Alex Sept 2015

“The story is not just about romance but of finding yourself in the murkiness of your own life. It is not easy to break old habits. The author does an excellent job of writing Linda’s struggles as she transforms into a new person. I’m glad the author slowly developed Linda’s many stages of grief. She goes through anger, guilt, denial and a sense of loss in a mature way. The emotions were raw and exposed a side that many of us go through when facing new challenges. The book is a short read, but it is packed with laughter, tears and gives the readers a look at life and what their purpose may be.” Deanna, Sept 2015


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