Essential Oils for Dogs: 100 Easy and Safe Essential Oil Recipes to Solve your Dog’s Health Problems

| November 16, 2016


Every dog owner’s home needs these 100 EASY and SAFE essential oil recipes at home

Save your dog from unnecessary chemical exposure with these natural aromatherapy remedies

Essential oils have been scientifically proven to help aid, sooth and cure mental, emotional and physical health issues in both humans and dogs. Enjoy peace of mind by getting this book and know you always have access to the most useful essential oil recipes for your dog.

What you will get from this book:
– Recipes for pest control
– Recipes for bites and rashes
– Recipes for itchy and dry skin
– Recipes for joints and muscle aches
– Recipes for odor control
– Recipes for anxiety and nervousness
– And many many more that’ll treat common problems every dog gets!

All recipes are completely safe for dogs by it’s ingredient composition, however dogs come in all shapes and sizes and essential oils, like any remedy needs to be tailored to the dog itself. We suggest you purchase Julie Summers’ Essential Oils for Dogs guide book to better understand the methods used to apply these remedies to your dog. You can find Julie Summers’ guide book on her author’s page.

Your dog’s health is our number 1 priority!


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