Crossing Realms – Part One

| November 17, 2016


A strange flash of light. Vivid dreams of another life. A revelation that will change everything.

When Nina Adler begins to have intense, action-packed dreams about being an FBI agent, she dismisses them as nothing more than fun distractions from her mundane life in upstate New York.

But a phone call from a friend makes Nina wonder if her dreams contain deeper meaning than she first thought. In her dreams, she has a steamy affair and falls in love with her handsome partner, Aeden. And her friend wants to set her up on a date with a man named Aeden — the same Aeden she’s been dreaming about.

As Nina grapples with this bizarre coincidence and growing affection for a man she hasn’t even met yet, dreams continue to haunt her at night. And when shocking events unfold in her dreams that feel unusually real, she’s forced to confront the possibility that she may possess powers far beyond her understanding.

If you like stories with strong female protagonists and extraordinary people, you’ll love Crossing Realms! Join Nina on her adventure today!


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