Here Lies a Wicked Man

| November 17, 2016


When Booker Krane retired early from his career as a white collar corporate investigator, he was sure of only two things: he was done digging up buried secrets, and he loved being near water.

After recovering from the bullet wound dealt him in his final case, Booker settles into a leisurely lifestyle at his new home on Turtle Lake – including a new part-time job as a freelance photographer. But the morning his dog drags a dead body ashore, Booker and his camera are commandeered by Sheriff Ringhoffer, and in less time than it takes the elusive perfect lighting to disappear, he’s deeply embroiled in the investigation.

While the deceased, a prominent yet powerfully wicked man, had many people with motive and opportunity to kill him, Booker wants to believe Chuck Fowler’s death was an accident. An arrow would be an unusual murder weapon, and he can’t picture any of the suspects – the victim’s wife, sons, business partner, sexy mistress, or attractive lessee – as cold-hearted killers. As it turns out, more than one of them knows how to draw a bowstring, and Booker’s curious mind can’t ignore the evidence against the victim falling on his own arrow – even when the sheriff rules the death an accident.

Putting his own life at risk, can Booker solve the case and return to his idyllic existence at Lakeside Estates along with his budding attraction for one of the suspects? Or will magazine deadlines and tension with his only son interfere with his search for the truth?


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