Chocolate Kisses (Cupid’s Cafe Where love is on the menu Book 4)

| November 17, 2016


In downtown Berkeley, California there’s a small diner where big things are happening. The locals gossip that at Cupid’s Café love is on the menu… and they would be right!

Katy Cupid has put more than just her heart and soul into her 50’s style diner; she’s also added a bit of her magical touch into spicing up the love lives of her patrons. Katy’s always had a ‘gift’ for knowing who would be perfect together, and she just can’t help doing a little matchmaking. From obvious introductions to sly schemes, Katy is always looking to put two hearts together so that they find a sweet romance that blossoms into true love.

In Chocolate Kisses, Tasha Roman has enough to worry about from her demanding boss and doesn’t need another person telling her what to do. So when Katy Cupid insists she dress-up and go to some Halloween Charity Ball, Tasha refuses.
But Katy knows Tasha all too well and bribes her with visions of chocolate fondue. Before she knows it, Tasha is at the Ball and in costume as Cinderella with Katy dressed and acting as her Fairy Godmother.
Can Katy find Tasha her Prince Charming and fairy tale ending?

Each novella in the Cupid’s Café series is a complete story and can be read in any order. This is a clean and wholesome romance.


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