Jump Start

| November 18, 2016


Jack Fiske is the ‘pen name’ of J Hall, a British writer who lives on the outskirts of Edinburgh and who works in the finance industry.

‘Jack’ was originally one of the finalists in the BBC’s ‘End of Story’ competition, having completed a short story started by Sue Townsend, the author of the “Adrian Mole” series.

Since appearing on the BBC, Jack has written two thrillers, a book for young adults, and this collection, which includes eight short stories and a three-part novella.

The first of Jack’s thrillers (Underdogs) was well received in the UK gaining a 4.5* rating, but it and Jack’s other works have only recently been promoted in the US.

The first short story in this collection can be read in it’s entirety using the ‘Look Inside’ feature. Please feel free to try this as a ‘taster’ without cost, to see if you like it and whether you would like to read the rest.

With best wishes………….Jack.

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