Postcards from Felipe Femur: Arizona, California, Nevada, & New Mexico

| November 18, 2016


Felipe Femur the skeleton is on a road trip. Traveling with him are some of his monster best friends… and Joe Miller. Joe Miller is just your average guy—or is he? Learn along with Felipe just how unusual Joe Miller might be.

Runny Rotten the not-so-wicked witch, Sunny Stoker the sun loving vampire, Gummy Garou the toothless werewolf, and Melody Muse the mute Banshee with her musical crab Choral are traveling with Felipe Femur the skeleton in an RV. They all hope to see what the mortal world has to offer. Joe Miller has been invited as he’s the most down to earth, average guy that the rest of the crew knows. They had hoped he might serve as a sort of a tour guide to the strange mortal lands. Plus, the guy can pitch in for gas and snacks.

Take part in the adventure by reading the postcards Felipe sends to you from different cities in the USA. Learn about the western United States. Discover the adventures to be had on the road and in Felipe Femur’s travels with his foreign skeleton crew. Start in Felipe Femur’s hometown of Toonstone in the Underworld and then explore the countryside around Rachel, Nevada, with a night at the Little A’Le’Inn, and continue towards Beatty and Las Vegas. Follow along as the gang make their way through California, stopping at cities such as Baker, Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Monica, Paso Robles (where Sunny discovers there are vampires in the vineyard), in addition to Salinas, Santa Cruz, and San Francisco. Felipe has a full schedule with Universal Studios, the Boardwalk, the beach, the Zoo, Hogwarts, and Chinatown on the list of places to visit. The monsters also explore Arizona (the Grand Canyon and Phoenix), and New Mexico, where the Very Large Array and a lone satellite off U.S. Route 380 hints at an extraterrestrial presence. Will Felipe find answers in Roswell, NM? And is that a cloud or a UFO that keep showing up in the pictures used for the postcards? Maybe Felipe will find an alien in his travels. He’s hopeful. Or maybe he’ll find something else, totally unexpected.


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