Tearing Down The Statues

| November 18, 2016


“A brainy, exciting and well-written look at a world in which religion and war are inseparable, and equally dangerous.” –IndieReader

The history of human events has recurring and fractal patterns, on large and small scales. Once you see those patterns intimately, and know the common forces and personality types driving them, you reveal their pivot points. Then you control them. The Salt Mystic taught all this long ago when she stumbled out of the flats, her metaphysical philosophy the foundation for a global empire that lasted two thousand years.

Stuttering and nervous, Misling is a Recorder – meaning he has perfect memory and is expected to help build a seamless record of history. Unfortunately, he’s probably the worst Recorder ever. So when he meets a trickster with an incredible secret and inexplicable mastery of Salt Mystic principles, the two of them are soon on the run from swarming lunatics and towering assault troops in the heart of a city under siege.

As it has for three generations, the horrible Talgo family is the spark of this swelling world war; and their wily generals and scheming counselors clash their fleets in battles of shrieking steel-entrained tornados, cannonballs of lightning, and tanks the size of cities. But it’s the trickster’s secret that is the most powerful weapon of all…a tripwire set by the Salt Mystic herself in the Record, to save the world from itself.

Written with cunningly inventive ideas and cinematic, visionary storytelling, Tearing Down The Statues invites you into a richly imagined world with a deep and catastrophic history reflected painfully in every decision, every conflict. First in the exciting Salt Mystic series!

“Because the life’s blood of a nation is the character of its people, and because the neglect of souls is the needle that poisons it, I have left you wonders in the Record. The fault and the regret are yours if they must arise.” – The Salt Mystic

Grailrunner Publishing
“Less whining. More inspiring.”


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