How to Draw Manga Faces (Black & White Saver Edition)

| November 18, 2016


*Please Take Note*
This book is also available in the following editions:

– Regular Edition
– High Definition Edition
– Fixed Format Edition
– Paperback

Learn the secrets behind drawing Manga faces!

The popular Japanese comic art form is now explained in great detail with the emphasis on the Manga face.

Stan Bendis Kutcher gives how-to instructions with step-by-step images on a epic scale on more than 190 pages. The book is visually driven with over 500 illustrated, pencilled, inked or coloured images, whilst also maintaining a balance of written instruction. With over 37 characters, Manga style, technique as well as providing the finishing touch is a focus.

There is always something new to learn, no matter your age or talent level!

Chapter Overview:

Chapter 1 : What is Manga?
Chapter 2 : Basic Face Proportions
Chapter 3 : Manga Eyes in Detail
Chapter 4 : Features & Expressions
Chapter 5 : Old School Manga Faces
Chapter 6 : Modern Manga Faces
Chapter 7 : 4-Step Manga

* Drawing materials * The difference between Anime, Manga and other illustrated art forms * The importance of reflection * The basic male & female face proportions * The Traditional eye vs. The Manga eye & much more!


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