The Summonings

| November 20, 2016


Book 1 of a 4 book series!

Valentine is just your average teenager, until she awakes one night to an unusual letter on her desk.

Little does she know that upon opening it, she’ll be whisked away to discover a whole other side to this world she lives in. A world where there are a population of people called Summoneers, with the ability to wield an element. And not only that, she discovers an amazing other piece – Summonings. Creatures from another realm, large tigers, leopards, wolves and more, all of which can communicate telepathically with their specific Summoneer, and not just that, they ride them too!

But there’s a war going on, and Valentine and her newfound friends find themselves thrown right into it when an attack is made on the school.

Can they turn the tide of the battle and save their friends? Or are these Shadow Riders too strong for the Summoneers and their Summonings?


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