Fitness: Simply Explained!

| November 21, 2016


This is not a workout plan. Get the mindset to build and maintain fitness. PERMANENTLY.


We live in the age of technology. Every day there are more and more devices and machines that do things for us, almost eliminating the need to use our bodies. It becomes easier to not work on our fitness, and we end up locking ourselves in a constant cycle of contentment that excludes any much needed growth for our bodies. The biggest problem most of us face is not finding the appropriate exercise routine or diet, but getting through our own mental barriers.

This book, along with the Simply Explained! series, is an attempt at bringing clarity and deep, fundamental understanding to those things that seem to elude us the most. Within it, you will find lasting solutions to the biggest mental barriers that stop us from achieving the highest levels of fitness that we truly deserve. Getting started on our fitness journeys can seem like a challenging task, but this is only due to certain limits that can be overcome with the right knowledge and tools. Upon downloading this book, you will obtain the knowledge you need to adopt fitness as a part of your life, as well as all the benefits that it offers us.

Once inside, you will understand:

  • What it means to be fit
  • Why you should strive to be physically fit
  • How long it will take you to achieve your fitness goals
  • What stops us from being fit
  • The five mental barriers against physical fitness
  • How to break down each barrier
  • What nutrition and exercise are all about
  • Several techniques to aid you in dedicating to fitness long-term
  • …and an extra tip or two to get you on your way!

Extra ‘Hidden’ Chapter Inside!

– A little extra help is always good to get on our way.

This book was written to help you attain the endless benefits that a physically fit body can bring. Committing to fitness is known to bring endless benefits in our lives; benefits that this book is aimed at helping you achieve and enjoy. Know that if you put the principles outlined in this book to effect, you will enjoy the physical and health benefits that you undoubtedly deserve.

I hope this book assists you in reaching your fullest self, and releasing your capacity for infinite growth.

I wish you much peace and love, and all the best toward your journey to high levels of physical fitness.

J. Pierce


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