Charlie’s Trips

| November 21, 2016


A tornado sweeps through an area of the deep Midwest and takes away a teenage soldier, Charlie Bradshaw, who’s hurled into space-time and ends up 21 years later, on the West Coast, off San Francisco. He’s found on a beach, alive but unconscious.

As he emerges from a 3-day coma, he has a vision and prediction: another disaster, a big earthquake. But he doesn’t know he’s on camera. Of course he doesn’t know either about the different times and place. There are many other things he’s still unaware of, especially about himself…

For his first novel, French author Jack Felson plays with several literary and cinematic myths (such as “The Wizard of Oz”) as he introduces us to a new kind of hero, with unusual powers and disabilities. A new-looking, forward-looking adventure book that will grip and entertain all audiences, especially young adults and fans of H.G. Wells, Philip K. Dick and Roald Dahl.


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