Galen’s Legions: Volume I

| November 22, 2016


Doctors eat, sleep, work and play exactly as you would expect. They are human beings like the rest of us. What makes them special is their education and training to assist those in need in overcoming the vicissitudes of living. Even with their background, they are not immune from the same problems that afflict the rest of us. Take a journey into the following stories about the types of situations doctors can create for themselves and others. Their reactions are not unique to them. We all share the same responses. The stories in a way are familiar: in The Autopsy an unhappy pathologist struggles to invent a machine to free him from drudgery and ends up with a lot more he did not expect; in A Cure For Reality a large pharmaceutical manufacturer is out for more than a fair share of the market; in S.W.A.G. a unique crew of astronauts and their doctor cope with a medical emergency in deep space; in Doctor Falcon death with dignity is faced; in Where No Man Has Gone Before the issue of sexuality and procreation is treated in a different way; in A Matter of Perspective a plastic surgeon who must treat a horribly mutilated patient makes a fatal assumption; in Boob Job inflatable breast implants are used in transporting illegal substances without the patient being aware; and, lastly, in Belly Pain the President of the United States has an attack of appendicitis and is examined by his doctor who discovers the truth about his illness. . Each story is backed by the experience of the author as a physician. These stories are as close to the truth as you can imagine.


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