Seeing Red: A Polly Parrett Pet-Sitter Cozy Murder Mystery: Book 4

| November 23, 2016


Why did the dog get so angry? And just who is Heather Haggerty?

Each of the books in this cozy mystery series is a stand alone story.

Polly Parrett, Mallowapple’s most famous pet-sitter is in the thick of it again. She can’t seem to get away from dead bodies. It’s as if murder – or murderers – follow her around.

There’s a dog, of course. But what connection does he have to a little girl who disappeared years before? Things at Welcome Home, the home Polly and her mom run for military veterans, are not going as swimmingly as they would like, and Polly may have messed up her relationship with Tyler, the smart, sexy and wonderful love of her life. Oh! And there are chickens. Let’s not forget the chickens.

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