My Cherie Amour

| November 24, 2016


Selena Campbell does not believe in love. Love belongs in movies. If her past had taught her anything, it was that love only gets in the way of your real life dreams- in her case, the dreams of being a successful chef.

There was no man in the world who could deter Selena from her path. Or so she thought. Till one fine night, of all the barbecue joints, in all of the world, he walked into hers…

Dean was Selena’s worst nightmare. Drop dead gorgeous, flamboyant and an absolute gentleman. The more time she spent with him, the less she could deny that they had some serious chemistry. But it was not long before his wild past crept into their lives. Sometimes, the past creates walls that are impossible to climb… unless you risk it all.

What do you do when love leaves you no choice?

A sweet clean romance with a happily ever after ending.


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