131 Creative Conversations For Families: Christ-honoring Conversation Starters to Strengthen Your Family Bond

| November 24, 2016


The average family spends less than 8 hours together each week, and the majority of this time is spent zoned-out, in front of a screen. Be above average! Take your family from distant, to bonded with these 131 meaningful conversation starters!

Simple moments of joy make a lasting impression on our family’s hearts that last a lifetime! Use these conversation starters to level-up your family joy, build into each others lives, and cultivate a closer connection!

Conversation Starters Include:

– If you could have any superpower, what would it be, and how would you use this power to serve others?
– What are some activities you would like to try that also scare you?
– What commands in the Bible are easy for you to follow? Which ones do you need to work on?

Each chapter begins with a brief introduction to a key family value. This is followed-up with 10 conversation started to encourage you family to discuss and cultivate that Christ-honoring value in your home. Use this book as a family devotional, bring it on a road trip, or use it as a guide to create lively discussion during family meals.

This is a book the entire family will enjoy!


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