| November 25, 2016


In DISTANT FRONT, Book Two of The COIL Legacy by D.I. TELBAT, we learn that the daring COIL Special Forces Operative Steve Brookshire was kidnapped in Hong Kong two years ago. The communist Chinese government wanted his intel on the Chinese Underground House Churches. His work for Jesus Christ may have cost him his life!

However, a whisper about Steve reaches the COIL office of Agent Corban Dowler. The hint suggests that Steve may still be alive, but no one knows what shape he’s in. It seems the Chinese Secret Police are holding the COIL agent in a hidden location—and he may not be the only one they’re holding! There’s just one man prepared and courageous enough to lead a small team to search for the missing missionary behind closed borders . . .

The Lord continues to work on Titus Caspertein, developing him into a complete servant for Christ. But Titus is battling his own troubles—including his partner Oleg’s capture in Iran—yet the call to aid another kidnapped agent becomes his priority, even though they’d never met. With Luigi Putelli lurking in the shadows, and Corban Dowler’s influence growing, Titus puts his life on hold once again to enter harm’s way on this distant front—China!

DISTANT FRONT is another whirlwind of a novel that takes the COIL pace up a notch and into the heart of China, where every operation is a battlefront. See faithfulness in the worst possible suffering, yet watch God use even broken people for His own purposes. And find again that . . . there is no redemption without sacrifice.

Bonuses included in Distant Front are two free map downloads, a character sketch, a note from the author, a sample chapter from the next book in the series, Distant Harm, and Endnotes about Back to Jerusalem, an actual ministry serving the Persecuted Church in China. Cover design is by Streetlight Graphics.


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