The China Formula: Crisis in the Party (The Lambros Legacy Book 1)

| November 26, 2016


•Read the Explosive and Gripping New Novella that starts with a REAL Sex Scandal and the MURDER that rocked a nation and revealed the Intrigue, Corruption, and Desperation behind Chinese Politics. THE CHINA FORMULA is based on REAL EVENTS that Sparked INTERNATIONAL HEADLINES in 2011

•Nancy Guo is a Heroine for all cultures, Master Spy, Dutiful Daughter and Loyal Lover. She is torn between Her Duty and Her Love for Leonidas Lambros, an Economic Genius who holds the key to China’s Ascension or its fall into Mayhem and Communist Brutality.
Simmons brings us the beginning Chapter to a story with consequences for the entire world. The China Formula is a behind the scenes look at the culture and politics of the enigma we call China.
•Why was Neil Heywood Murdered? How did Bo Xilai fall from grace? Read THE CHINA FORMULA.
•You will most definitely be impatient for the sequel.


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