Stone Dystopia

| November 26, 2016


This is a box set, with book 1 from three of Stone’s series.

“All that being said, WOW. I did not want to put this book down. I was sucked in from the beginning. I was absorbed into Sinna’s world. The descriptions produced vivid pictures and emotions in my mind, so I was seeing through Sinna’s eyes, feeling her emotions, thinking her thoughts.And that ending! I NEVER saw it coming. I had to reread it to make sure I had read it correctly. WOW. What a hook! I am going to have to read the remaining two books now. I’m too sucked in not to! This was an AMAZING read. I’m putting this on my favorites list!”

“Wonderful, Compelling, Shocking, Original…. Will keep you up all night reading!”

“I love this book. I’m so intrigued! I love Christian fiction and I love dystopian fiction, but until now I’ve never seen them blatantly put together. The way she describes dreaming and awakening is exactly how I feel about waking up to my prophetic gifting!”

Rehabilitation (Book 1 of the Unbelief Series)

“My name is Sinna Reardon. I suppose deep down I’d like to believe God exists. But he doesn’t, not since the war. Most days I’m OK with that. Jacob calls me a pessimist, but I’m prefer realist. How can I Believe when a place like Rehabilitation and a regime like the Elite exist, dictating our every move?

If God were so great, he’d do something. But he hasn’t. We’re forgotten. And that scares me, because it means I might have to do something myself…”

Sinna has spent her life walking a fine line between breaking the rules and obeying them to a fault. In a Godless world where science and logic reign supreme and people are punished for Believing, are friendship and love reasons enough to abandon unbelief? Enough to put her faith in something bigger than herself?

Ruin (Unbelief II)
Revelation (Unbelief III)
God Wars: The Beginnings (An Unbelief Prequel)

* * *

Desperation (Book 1 of The Island Series)

“My skin does a little crawling thing at the way he says my name, but I can’t for the life of me figure out why. He seems nice enough. He’s very polite and charismatic. Quite charming actually, to others at any rate. But just the way he says my name sends a warning tingle along my spine, and I can’t get rid of it.”

Reagan Rykehart has been sentenced to a stint on Grandy Island, a reintegration camp for at-risk youth. Problem is, she was sentenced there not because of her own deeds, but for trying to help a friend. Guess that’s what she gets for trying.

Sailing away to meet her fate, she finds fate has other plans. Mostly because Reagan is stubborn and a little crazy. At least that’s what people usually call folks who jump off ships. In the middle of the ocean. In the dark.

Yep, definitely crazy. But will her new fate be even more grim than Grandy Island?

Escalation (The Island II)
Deliverance (The Island III)

* * *

Awakening (Book 1 in the Absence of Song Series)

“Though music is forbidden and could get me in big trouble with the Ministry, I nevertheless often find myself singing softly in spite of the danger.
Little do I know just how much hot water my strange compulsion to sing will actually land me in.
What is happening in the world around me? How is it happening? How does the stranger Noah fit into things? And most importantly… why me? I’m no more special than the next person.
So many questions, and so many dangers. All I can do is trust that whatever is happening, it is good. I can see that it’s good, and I refuse to let anyone convince me otherwise.”

Becoming (Absence of Song II)
Chosen (Absence of Song III)

All books in each series should be read in order.


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