Can We Live a Happier Life?!

| December 17, 2016


The book interleaves understandings about happiness, brain, mind and how to live a better and happier life with a personal story of a diversified career, interrupted by an advanced stage cancer, the battle, deep meditations, and discovering the answers.
It contains many short stories and original illustrations exemplifying the understandings and making the reading more fun. It is also a very practical book.
If you want a happier, healthier & more successful life, better relationships, understanding the relevant processes in the brain, using intuition in management and also in daily life and better decision making, this is the book for you!
Being happy is a choice!

Many people who read this book found it enjoyable, motivational and the practical tips very useful. A few citations from the reviews, will describe the best the uniqueness and value of this book:

I am so glad that I was able to read this one. The mind is such a powerful thing. The short stories keep you wanting to read more. Reading the author’s own personal story put a lot in perspective for me.

It has given me different ways of thinking and I am sure I will be using this information for a long time to come.

I was inspired by his words. He has a unique way of writing and you feel like being in the middle of a conversation and not reading a book. That is a good thing. This is an excellent self-help book, very uplifting and reminds you to take a little of everyday to enjoy life.

This is a great book! Points you to the important things in life and gives you an easy step by step guide to easily make significant changes to your life and to increase your happiness. I read it from beginning to end over half of the night and just couldn’t stop reading until I finished it. Warm heartedly recommended.

This book is just wonderful. Not only that it is both interesting and fun to read, it also makes you think: Can you live a happier life? The book is well written, easy to read, and so fluent, that I couldn’t stop reading. I highly recommend reading this book. You will enjoy the reading, it will make you think, but above all, it will make you feel better. Highly recommended!

A must read book ! We all deserve to live happier life and Dr. Gilkis is providing excellent tips based on his life experience and great observations on how practically achieve this essential goal. The book is fluent , fun to read and his great tips are easy to adopt .highly recommended !

I really enjoyed this book. It was not a lengthy read, and it went relatively quickly once I started. It is not the easiest read at times, since it presents some very in depth information on the brain and how it works. I am fascinated with brain studies and the process of how things work, including the mechanics of the mind and its effect on our long term thinking and feelings. It is truly amazing to me how much of our behavior, beliefs, and more are influenced by our mind. And the author did a great job of explaining it to the reader.

I found the author’s personal story to be touching and I am impressed that he was able to overcome as much as he did. But on top of all of that, it was very inspiring to me to see how he took everything he learned and let it influence his entire life. He made a comment early in the book when telling his story about how he was always pushing himself to do more, achieve more, and succeed in everything and he neglected his personal health. It wasn’t until he was diagnosed with an advance stage of cancer that he rethought his entire life and his actions and thoughts changed. Talk about a testimony! And it is one of great power, truly amazing and inspiring to read.

This is a great self-help book for anyone needing to slow down and take some time to reflect on life and what is going on around them. So many of us live a life that is fast paced, hectic, and go go go, and we forget to stop and enjoy life and just be in the moment. We live in a fast-food mentality


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