Memories Lost in Time

| November 29, 2016


“Memories Lost in Time” is a compelling coming-of-age story with a time-travel twist. It’s an easy read filled with humor and suspense that will provide the reader a rich and fulfilling experience.
Ben was surprisingly insecure for someone born with such extraordinary gifts. When he first arrived at Cooke College, Ben tried hard to conceal his unique mental abilities. But, to those few who really knew him, his powers would reveal possibilities even they couldn’t imagine.
Join Ben as he travels back to his freshman year in college. Will an older Ben fair better when dealing with his sociopath roommate? And who is that mysterious young girl that will rock his world?
“Memories Lost in Time” is a refreshing variation of the typical sci-fi novel. It is light reading that will take you on a journey with Ben and his friends as they unravel the mystery of time-travel. The book’s conclusion is filled with surprise, offering readers an ending they won’t soon forget.


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