A Kiss in Times Square: Broken Vow (Book One)

| November 29, 2016


* A Kiss in Times Square: Broken Vow (Book One) is the first of four books. The Samaritan (Book Two) will be available before the end of 2016.

On August 14, 1945, in Times Square, Alfred Eisenstadt, a staff photographer for Life magazine, captured one of the most romantic and iconic photographs of the 20th century.

It was ‘V-J Day’ and the Japanese had just surrendered. By all accounts, amidst the jubilant celebration, the two subjects of the famous black-and-white photograph “Sailor Kissing Nurse” were perfect strangers.

… But were they?

New York City, 1992

Dr. Ray Miller is an ER physician and a workaholic, one who spends far too much time at Beth Israel Hospital in Manhattan. When his wife Tricia begins to grow distant, he hires Sixth Sense, a high-tech Manhattan detective agency, to discover why. From the moment they shared their first kiss a decade earlier in Times Square, Ray knew that she was the one—until he receives the devastating news just a week before Thanksgiving:

“Dr. Miller, your wife is about to have an affair.”

The revelation stuns Ray as his entire world suddenly begins to unravel from the inside out.

Should he swallow his pride and try to reconnect with Tricia? Or simply cut his losses and walk away? Can love be rekindled and trust restored in enough time to give their marriage one last try?


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