Hot Status (the prequel to MAD MINUTE)

| April 14, 2014


Hot Status (the prequel to MAD MINUTE)

Frank Halbert is having a bad day.

The fact is, this man’s day of heartbreak and missed opportunities was already a lost cause, even before those F-16s made their low pass over the radar site. The old barn dissolved in an ocean of fire, leaving blackened bodies everywhere.

Now Frank’s anguished path takes him out of the woody highlands northwest of Gettysburg, past legions of combat-ready FBI agents, and into a city of weeping people.

He manages to get the limping old Army vet–the only other survivor of their hopeless mission–onto the bus for home. He risks exposure to call his dead brother’s fiancée, telling her to forget she’d ever met him. He knows there will be evil times ahead–now that he’s a federal terror suspect on the run.

After the call, he takes precious moments to dismantle his too-hot-to-use cell phone, dumping the pieces into a trashcan outside the Lincoln Diner. He looks up to see a cop staring right at him.

Time to start running again.

Read HOT STATUS to find out how decent man got himself in a spot like this. Hint: It involves Army surplus air-defense weaponry deployed in desperation by misunderstood patriots on the second Tuesday in September, 2001.

HOT STATUS: 30k words + photo gallery of Nike hardware + 3 sample chapters from the sequel, MAD MINUTE.


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