Powder Burn (Burn with Sam Blackett #1)

| June 21, 2013


Powder Burn (Burn with Sam Blackett #1)

If Dragon Tattoo’s Mikael Blomkvist and the Hunger Games’ Katniss Everdeen could have a love-child, she’d probably be a lot like Sam Blackett…

Sam had given up her Manhattan job, and her cute apartment in Brooklyn. She’d abandoned her astonished boyfriend to the charms of ESPN, and flown off into a new dawn to chase her dream of becoming an investigative journalist.

Three months later, alone in a soulless internet café, she’s facing some cold, hard facts; she’s unpublished, unhappy and broke. And right then, the gorgeous Pete Halland blows into her life – headed for the mythical Powder Burn mountain to write history and blast into legend.

If she throws in her lot with Pete and reports the story for National Geographic magazine it could rescue her ambitions, but he’s holding back some crucial information – the question for Sam is… what?

Soon, Sam is up to her neck in snow and the weather is the least of her problems; lost in a secretive Himalayan kingdom with – what could be – a magic sword and a simmering and potentially bloody revolution.

But the father she lost to the war in Iraq was a marine, and he taught her a few tricks in the Vermont backcountry that might just get her out alive – and with a story to tell that could make the front page of the New York Times.

Try the sample with ‘Look Inside’.

Powder Burn is the first of a new series featuring Sam Blackett from the author of the best-selling Janac’s Games books. Chinese Burn will be published in the spring of 2014.

Mark Chisnell’s thrillers have topped the Amazon charts around the world.

Reviews for Mark Chisnell’s Thrillers

An excellent drug-smuggling thriller.
The Bookseller

This is a remarkable thriller – chillingly violent, full of tension and with a very original ending.
Publishing News

This book satisfies history fans, espionage addicts, and anyone else yearning for a good yarn.
Huffington Post

Mark Chisnell writes the kind of stories that will keep you turning the pages till you’re done, and still thinking about them long after that. He writes the Kindle-chart-topping Janac’s Games thrillers, and the Burn series featuring Vermont back country girl and wannabe-investigative journalist, Sam Blackett.

Mark Chisnell’s a former professional sportsman and has also worked as a broadcaster and journalist. He has written for some of the world’s leading magazines and newspapers, including Esquire and the Guardian – but Mark’s greatest achievement was probably hitch-hiking to Mount Everest base-camp in Tibet. In trainers. Or maybe that was the stupidest.


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