The Girl Who Hated Australia (Not So Serious Jack Series Book 1)

| December 1, 2016


“I hate Australia!” Jorie proclaimed.
“But you’ve never been to Australia!” Her mother exclaimed.
Australia? Surely her father had mispronounced.
What on earth was in Australia?
Jorie knew it was a place very far away,
and the more she thought, the more she was certain she’d rather just stay.

Whether it’s the first day at a new school or a big move, things that are new or unknown to us can seem scary. Big changes have a way of causing anxiety and everyone handles that differently. Sometimes we pretend we don’t like something, when really this thing frightens us. For seven-year-old Jorie, this thing is Australia. Her parents announce a family vacation “down under” and Jorie does not want to go. Her parents encourage her and along the way Jorie experiences things she never expected to! Will Jorie continue to hate Australia? Or will her experience there change her mind?

Fully illustrated for early readers, this is a great teaching tool for children who are struggling to cope with changes or anxious about an upcoming event.

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