The Holy Grail of Book Launching

| December 17, 2016



The Holy Grail of Book Launching will show you how to skyrocket your success and find your Holy Grail as an author. My Fun and Easy Marketing Plan and step-by-step Guide make sure that you will have fun and enjoy your book launch. No more overwhelm!

The First Volume shows you what I do after publishing three #1 bestsellers in 5 months.
The Second Volume gives you all steps and links for a successful launch.
The Third Volume is the extra awesome sauce of contributions of fellow authors and mentors.

How to launch an e-book on Amazon
How to sell over 100 books a day on Amazon
How to have over 500 people join your launch team in 3 days
How to achieve #1 bestseller status in over 10 categories
How to keep up your book sales after launch
How many books you need to sell to make a living out of it
What promotions to book and when to book them.
How to create powerful marketing graphics for free
How to post to the BIG 5 or even 7 media sites for free with one click
To think about the focus for your launch.
How to fill out the Amazon Product page, including the categories and keywords.

My fun step-by-step-launch-plan which I fine-tuned. after launching writing 5 books.
An Easy and Fun Social Media Plan
An Easy and Fun Book Marketing Event Calendar
Promos I love with a cheat sheet
Mimi’s free tutorials, all about book launching
Templates on how to write to Amazon and structure your book interior
Templates on how to write to your launch team
Links to formatters, editors, cover designers, beta readers, and more
Tick off boxes at the end of each chapter
A sheet with over 200 FREE promos sites to promote your book to
A sheet with promos linked according to Alexa ranking

FREE DOWNLOADS with resources at no cost, templates for success and clickable links include,
How to create infographics for your book
How to create a book proposal
How to structure your book
How to support fellow authors with their books

MANY THANKS to all contributors; Joanna jast, Kathryn Jones, Davina Chessid, Brittany Barbera, Nick Daniel, Kylie Ansett, Sally Miller, Barry Watson, Rupert Colley and for sharing their launching secrets with my readers.


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