SprawlBall (Paragons Of Virtue Book 1)

| December 2, 2016


In 2053 superstar SprawlBall player Chase and his team brace themselves for kick-off, only to find the stadium deserted and the other team slaughtered…

SprawlBall is a mixture of urban warfare, American football and soccer played in specially evacuated sections of towns and cities with each side stalking the other through the streets and buildings in the makeshift arena. Score as many points as possible, but otherwise… anything goes. It’s the semi-final, but what starts as a sport becomes a fight for survival against a ruthless opponent. What happens in Vancouver brings new meaning to the term “blood sport”.

Idolised by the masses, the shamed superhero codenamed Chase hates all the attention – does making millions by exploiting his mutant abilities make him a bad person? Probably. But as long as the Corporate Sponsors pay you to wear their Slam Suit then leave you alone, you take the money and sneakily run through walls. At least he’s found an outlet for his gifts – others aren’t so lucky.

Now he’s trapped in a derelict city precinct with no way out, and the fans are turning ugly. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. What would you do? Welcome to Granville Island – you’re going to be sorry you ever bought a ticket…

Survival Tips In The Arena:

1.Stay close to the walls & avoid the floodlights
2.Take out Peeping Toms with your Null Gun
3.Hug the ball to hide the glow
4.Never stand in an open doorway
5.Always let the Blocker go first
6.NEVER get involved with a teammate

It’s show time!

If you like Ex-Heroes then you’ll like this intense and claustrophobic battle for survival. SprawlBall is a standalone book, part of the “Paragons Of Virtue” series. These books can be read in any order.


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