Crystal Night

| December 3, 2016


The Thousand Year Reich – to a frightened world it sounds like the rantings of a mad man. The scary thing is Hitler takes actions to make it happen. As he prepares to unleash his armies across Europe, his belief in the occult convinces him to pursue immortality.

In early 1937, he summons his favorite medical mind – Josef Mengele, the man who will become known as the Angel of Death, to the Krolloper and tasks him with an impossible assignment. He’s instructed to create an elixir capable of granting the Nazi Leadership eternal life.

On November 9th, 1938 – Crystal Night – against all the laws of God and humanity and at terrible cost, Mengele succeeds.

Daniel Livnat, a Jew, the sole survivor of Mengele’s diabolical experiments, becomes something very special – a vampire, not of legend, but spawned from the darkest hell of Nazi science.

The lesson every member of the Fuhrer’s inner circle must learn; “Be careful what you wish for” comes to pass. Daniel personifies all their worst nightmares – an immortal Jewish avenger in waiting. His only goal, to bide time and hunt down every single one of his transgressors.



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