Only Raising Dust On The Road

| December 5, 2016


Only Raising Dust On The Road is a novel set in Thailand. The book has been serialised into 4 novella length books. Part 1 – Buckfast, Lager & Fags (approx. 26,000 words / 116 pages), follows a group of friends from around the globe as they embark on a money-making enterprise to Thailand.

Micky, is a heavy drinking, streetwise, drug-using Scotsman who has been hired by his friend ‘Slim’ to manage a bar on a tropical island on Thailand’s eastern gulf coast. Slim’s business partners: Sanjit (a South African born Indian), and Connie (a white, Afrikaner Durbanite) have recruited Winston (Sanjit’s South African Indian – ‘hood-rat’ – cousin) to be bartender. Can the mismatched motley-crew make this venture work? Nothing in Thailand is ever as it seems and dangers abound along the way.

The story is told from a multiple character first person point of view and takes place in the late 1990’s. The main thread relates to drug and alcohol abuse – a serious issue, and one I have battled with throught my life. In no way do I endorse drug-taking or the misuse of alcohol; nor is it my intention to glamorise it either. The story is – in many ways, a snapshot of a time in my life; I hope it is received as it was intended – as a creative endeavour.

‘Only Raising Dust On The Road’ is a work of fiction – lots of profanity throughout. 18+


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