Revealed Diary of Donald Trump

| December 5, 2016


In 2020 the Aliens of the planet Amazonia XO receive the S.O.S. signal sent by the humans of the Earth. The Amazonian Congress immediately sends 50 life-saving spaceships to the planet of humans.

The race of Amazonians is extremely technologically advanced. They have examined the whole universe. Apparently, Amazonia XO and the Earth are the only two planets inhabited by rational beings. Amazonians have been observing the development of humanity for thousands of years. According to the Amazonia laws, it is strictly prohibited contacting the humans until the Earth inhabitants invent technologies advanced enough to reach Amazonia XO. An emergency is only one exception.

Amazonians have no idea what has happened, but the things should be real bad if someone has sent this S.O.S. It takes them four months to travel to the Earth. All 50 alien spaceships successfully land in Washington, D.C. near the White House. That’s where the signal has come from.

The aliens do not find any signs of the disaster. But it seems the human beings have just vanished. Surprisingly they see extinct dinosaurs running here and forth. As they walk around the White House trying to understand what’s going on, one of the rescuers finds the President’s office. There is no one inside. The Alien notices the book lying on the table. The book cover has four words on it: “DIARY OF DONALD TRUMP”.

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