A Kid’s Guide to Costa Rica

| December 5, 2016


A KID’S GUIDE TO… (and its companion series PLANETKIDS), both published by Curious Kids Press, are two different e-book series for young readers about countries and cultures around the world. The PLANETKIDS series is designed for young readers in grades 2-4, ages 7-9, while A KID’S GUIDE TO… series is designed for grades 4-6, ages 9-12. Each book in both series provides an engaging, easy-to-read introduction to one country and includes colorful photographs, informational charts and graphs, and quirky and bizarre “Did You Know” facts, all designed to bring the country and its people to life. Designed primarily for recreational, high-interest reading, these two informational text series are also a great resource for students to use to research geography topics or writing assignments or as a supplement to a home-schooling social studies curriculum. The countries featured in each series currently include Australia, Costa Rica, France, Kenya, and Thailand with many more to be published in 2017. While there is some overlap of information about a country in each series, the books in A KID’S GUIDE TO… series generally expands and enhances information found in PLANETKIDS. When choosing between the two series, keep in mind that the grade level is less important than matching a young reader’s skill and interest level with a particular book. Take a look at the free sample offered for each title to determine which series is best for your child.


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