My Days Away

| December 7, 2016


How does fate shape life? Do chromosomes dictate what we do? How does an Oxford teacher end up smuggling himself across Latin American borders?

Axel only wanted to follow his girl and catch his first kiss. He hadn’t intended to search for underground water. He hadn’t planned to meet Susana. He hadn’t been looking for a hidden world.

It started in the summer of 1979. Axel has returned from a holiday to settle in Oxford when he receives a letter inviting him to Buenos Aires. Why is he needed there? He meets a girl, travels to a cattle ranch and to almost virgin Patagonia. He faces death. He’s confronted by a colonel. He’s betrayed and falls in love.

Now the military prepare for the Falklands War. Axel is suddenly a criminal. A murderer. A spy. The army are coming after him. Maybe Susana will help him; maybe his London friends; maybe he must return to his hidden world. Axel needs a plan. He needs a plan today.


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