Light Of Mine: My Love Story

| December 7, 2016


Kimberly Davis is a beautiful African American woman whose heart is exceptionally golden. She extends her hands to the needy even though her work as a diner girl was just enough to supply for her little brother’s needs and nothing more. However, a girl with a golden heart can only endure so much on her own.
One day, a mysterious handsome stranger comes into the diner looking for a girl whose description matches well with Kimberly. What he could possibly want itself becomes a mystery to Kimberly, one which she becomes determined to find out. Although apprehensive of this strange man, Kimberly begins to find herself captivated by him and then begins her spiral into an unforeseen cluster of events that threatens to shake her faith and new hopes for love.
Can a simple misunderstanding lead to a horrible conclusion that ruins them both? What happens when the going gets too tough and believing is too hard to do? Will their faith to God and to each other be enough to save the one thing they both can’t live without?
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