Hillside House & the Unfolding Mysteries

| December 7, 2016


Hillside House & The unfolding Mysteries is the story that revolves around three sisters Abhaya, Diya & Alisha; their family and dog, Jackie.

The story starts with the sister’s excitement regarding summer vacation’s plans, but before vacations, the entry of Mr. Sharma, add a new twist to the story that reveals various mysteries, facts & clues.

Readers of first part must be aware that in the last adventure of the family, their neighbors Mrs. Sharma, & her daughter, flew being a partner in Crime with Raheja in his smuggling business.

So, what mysteries these sisters, Jackie & their family would solve this time? How would they encounter the new unfortunate conditions, & whether they would end up experiencing an another thrilling adventure?

So, just grab the book & get in mood to have an adventure again!!


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