How To Survive Changing Church Culture

| December 8, 2016


Some changes in church culture have been good and helpful while others have inflicted varying degrees of damage to individuals and families. Some, who were once faithful attendees have chosen to walk away from church. They still love God and want to serve Him but finding a place to assemble now seems impossible. Others who served as leaders have gone through seasons of distress, disappointment, and pain. They gave high levels of commitment to their church and pastor only to be rewarded with unfair treatment and non-biblical processes.

Families have been broken and lives shattered through abuses of power within the framework of the church. As church culture changes we discover a field of broken lives and shattered dreams in its wake. Bitterness, numbness and spiritual coldness reside in the hearts of quality people who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

What’s happening?

Why is it happening?

Is there a remedy?

Can I survive this changing culture of the church?

Author and spiritual father Gerald Doggett applies his experience and wisdom to the subject of changing church culture–and how to survive it! In this book, Gerald not only expresses what many are feeling but he gives real- life practical steps on how to navigate these changes.

Gain peace and understand no matter what challenges your church may face!


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